Compact Filters

Absolute™ V ProSafe VGXL, XXL

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  • Recommended for food & beverage and life science industries
  • Hygienic product acc. to VDI6022
  • Microbial inert components acc. to ISO 846
  • Food contact approved acc. to EC 1935:2004
  • Free of harmful chemical components:
    - halogen-free
    - bisphenol-free
    - formaldehyde-free
    - pthalate-free
  • Test resistance to decon and cleaning procedures
  • High air flow, low pressure drop
  • Individual test certificate acc. to EN1822:2009
  • Optimizing waste management:
    - compactable 
    - incinerable
    - lightweight
  • Ideal for CREO energy optimization
Application: EPA/HEPA final filtration for air conditioning systems of sensitive process industries like life science or food and beverage
Type: High air flow incinerable EPA/HEPA filter
Frame: ABS with ergonomic handles
Gasket: PU one piece half round
Media: Glass fiber paper
Separator: Hot-melt
Sealant: Polyurethane
Efficiency EN 1822:2009 : E11, H13, H14
Efficiency MPPS: E11 > 95% - H13 > 99,95% - H14 > 99,995%
Controls: Individual EN 1822 from H13, measurement report attached in the box
Recommended final pressure drop: 600 Pa
Maximum flow rate: Nominal fow rate
Temperature: 70°C maximum in continuous service
Mounting systems: Front and side access filter frames. Terminal housings and safe change systems
*CREO: CleanRoom Design Program (Energy optimization software)



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