ASHRAE test rig

ASHRAE test rig

We were the first air filtration company in Europe to invest in our own Eurovent & EN 779 test rigs. The test rigs have undergone rigorous 'round robin' tests to ensure consistency of filter evaluation with independent test laboratories.

Camfil Farr USA was also the first air filtration company to install our own ASHRAE 52.21.1999 test rig.

Both rigs can now offer the 'discharging' step of 'electrostratically charged media's'(commonly known as synthetic media's) already adopted in Europe and soon to be adopted in the USA.

By having a number of our own test rigs we can test new filters as well as used filters from the field to build up our own database of how filters work and perform in real life. Standards have so far been concentrating on finding fast, economical methods to classify filters.


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